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Top 10 methods to manage your fleet costs


Your company vehicle running costs can be some of the most expensive overheads that a company can have and with fuel prices fluctuating on a regular basis, there couldn’t be a better time to have a look at your fleet costs. Environmental issues even come into effect, take for example, the recent hurricanes in America. As a result of these, one fifth of all U.S refineries were closed, meaning fuel costs had been increasing during that period.

Here are 10 simple and efficient methods to manage your fleet costs.

As leaders in the fuel card and GPS tracking industry for 30 years, Fuelwise are able to provide you with the ultimate fuel saving solutions that will benefit you and your fleet.

  1. Reconsider How You Purchase Your Fuel

There are several ways that you can purchase your fuel, including fuel cards, credit cards, cash and bulk buying, however, fuel cards are recognised as the safest and securest way to purchase your fuel for your fleet. By using Fuelwise, not only will you save up to 4ppl or 6ccpl against the pump prices wherever you are but you will also have a huge range of sites right across the country meaning you are never too far from your nearest Fuelwise sites.

  1. GPS Tracking

Fuelwise are the only fuel card providers in Ireland that integrate fuel cards with GPS tracking, this innovative approach provides you with the data that puts you in the front seat of every vehicle you have. Not only are you able to locate your vehicles 24/7, you receive fuel data, driver and vehicle behaviour, fleet maintenance and daily walk around checks as standard.

  1. Monitor Driver & Vehicle Behaviours

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration, you can start monitoring fuel consumption and driving style on vehicles. By getting complete visibility on fuel, our system will highlight current consumptions of the vehicles and target improvements in fuel efficiencies and driver health and safety. This benefits you as it reduces costs and keeps your drivers safe as well as other road users.

Individual vehicles and drivers are measured on key indicators such as speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration and idling, leading to impressive and efficient changes to your drivers habits.

With all the fuel metrics available you can set up targets for fuel consumption within your fleet or for individual drivers. Together with the insights on safety and maintenance you will get to know areas of improvement and optimisation in your business.

Fuel data is completed with driving behaviour insights for your analysis and informed decision-making, enabling you to provide feedback for your drivers to improve their future driving behaviour.

Did you know the slightest difference in your mph figures can lead to great savings for your business? Don’t believe us? Check out this fact;

The difference between 7.9mpg and 8.0mpg for a truck covering a relatively low 75,000 miles per year is a saving of €605 (net of VAT) based on July 2017 prices in the Republic of Ireland.

  1. Driver Training

When you purchase a new truck for yourself or your fleet, the truck manufacturer will supply you with guidance to manage your new vehicle effectively. This support may include booklets, DVDs and driver instructions.

These support guides are often underappreciated as many don’t take the time to read or view them. However, taking time to learn from the resources will make sure you get the most miles from every litre of fuel possible, and will provide you with an insight on what information is key when using the fleet management software that comes as part of Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration.

  1. Correct Vehicle Specifications

Understanding your vehicle specifications is imperative if you wish to reduce your fuel costs, for example, you need to know what your ideal power-to- weight ratio is. Another question to ask yourself is, are you a local multi-drop operation or a long distance haulier?

Too little power can waste fuel and increase journey times, contributing in extra fuel being used than required.

  1. One Driver – One Vehicle

A “One Driver – One Vehicle” policy is beneficial not only for fuel saving reasons, as a driver allocated their own vehicle will take care and pride as they are solely responsible for that one vehicle. Furthermore, a “One Driver – One Vehicle” policy can result in savings, such as lower maintenance costs, longer tyre life, reduced brakes and clutch wear, amongst others.

This policy will also enable you to get an accurate comparison between each driver, identifying those who could do with checking out this guide.

Not forgetting those of you with multiple driver vehicles, we provide a key fob for each of your drivers, meaning it is possible to know the fuel usage of each driver who uses one specific vehicle. This couldn’t be easier to use as all your drivers have to do is swipe their key fob as they enter the vehicle, all that is left is to wait for your great insights to come through.


  1. Bodywork Aerodynamics

Reducing the gap between tractive units and trailers reduces air pressure, as does running smooth sided bulkers. Impressive fuel consumption reduction figures are being reported for the latest ‘snoop-nosed’ high-roof curtain sided trailers. More modern vehicles are designed with this in mind, so do your sums: perhaps the cost of upgrading can be offset against the savings from a more aerodynamic and economical vehicle?

  1. Tyre Pressures And Condition

For optimal fuel consumption, truck and trailer tyres should always be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Not doing this will result in extra rolling resistance which means more fuel being used and increased fuel expenditure for you. It is also recommended that pressures are checked regularly.

  1. Walk Around Checks

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration and the help of the Driver app you can have your team carrying out walk around checks on their phones and get them instantly recorded in our maintenance section in the software.

Simplifying the process of vehicle checks, save time and eliminate paperwork while maintaining safety standards and legal compliance couldn’t be easier.

  1. Driver Challenges

Challenges add competition and this may encourage your drivers to lower their fuel consumption, especially if they were to receive some of the savings. You don’t even need to worry about all of your vehicles being different; you can check each model against the manufacturers stated fuel consumption figures.

The Fuelwise Solution

A Fuelwise fuel card offers you the largest, most comprehensive network of refuelling sites across Ireland with even more sites in the UK and Europe.  We offer a fantastic price across our network so it doesn’t cost you money and time driving off course to find a cheap site or having to refuel if you can’t get back to your yard for the bulk tank users.

Control over fuel purchasing puts you in the driving seat to reducing your overall transport costs.

Fuelwise offer the tightest security on any fuel card available on the market with Chip & PIN. Our online system, Velocity, gives you complete control of your fuel card usage, for example, you can create reports, manage invoices, manage existing cards and check your fuel card sites.

Other ways to control your fuel card use is to always record which vehicle or driver a fuel card is issued. Cancel any lost or stolen cards immediately. Meticulously check your weekly or monthly statements for outside fuel purchases and investigate anything unusual.

Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration

You now know some keys areas where change or a little management can have a huge effect on your fuel costs and now is time to start saving money. However, how will you do that without the relevant information and data?

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration you will have all the data you need laid out in the simplest form for you to read and understand. Our experts will advise you how to implement the data through on-site and remote training, resulting in your costs decreasing rapidly.

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration you will have a GPS tracking system that syncs with your fuel card spend and access to Ireland’s largest fuel card network, reducing the time and miles spent deviating from your route to find a cheap filling station.

Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration will:

  • verify your fuel card reporting data
  • pinpoint fleet fuel card misuse
  • reduce fuel usage and costs
  • control fuel-wasting driving behaviours
  • provide a complete picture of fuel transaction activity

Hopefully you will have found some of our tips and tricks useful on how to manage your fleet costs, if you are considering changing how your purchase your fuel you can contact Fuelwise on:

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