10 Ways you can benefit from a Fuelwise fuel card:

A tailored solution


One size doesn’t always fit all. Fuelwise are able to offer you a range of fuel card products. Some businesses only need fuel in Ireland, while others may need access to fuel in the UK or Europe. Fuelwise have a fuel card to cover whatever part of Europe you travel to. Click here to see our fuel cards



Fuelwise can save you up to 6 cents per litre off the average pump price in Ireland and up to 4 pence per litre off in Northern Ireland/ UK.

  • Probably the most important reason why you are thinking about joining Fuelwise is because you want to save money. With a Fuelwise fuel card you will get a competitive price at all filling stations available on our network no matter what part of the country you are travelling in.
  • Fuelwise can save our clients up to 6cpl on diesel in Ireland when compared to the national average pump price as quoted by the AA Ireland website
  • In the UK prices can be up to 4ppl less than pump prices and even less when compared to motorway service stations.
  • Compare our prices now if you want to put us to the test; click here (* to find out the average price in your country and call us today to find out our prices.
Price Notification

We update all our customers with their price by either email or text message. When you sign up for a Fuelwise fuel card please let your account manager know which method suits you. We understand that fuel costs can be the largest expense your company has, so it’s important that you know what price you are paying, with Fuelwise you will always be kept up to date.

*The AA Ireland do not endorse Fuelwise in any way and the price advertised on their website is meant to be used as a comparison purposes only and the saving of 6cpl can in no way be guaranteed, however

Disclaimer: Fuelwise aim to be cheaper than the national average pump price at all times, however we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to offer this saving at all of our sites. However, if you do find that we are not cheaper than the national average pump price then let us know and we will do everything we can to put this right.

Sites where you need them


Fuelwise supply fuel at 2100+ sites across Ireland, at 1350+ sites across Northern Ireland and UK and can supply fuel at 4000+ sites across 24 European countries. To view our site networks across Ireland, UK or Europe visit our online site network finder e-route. Wherever you drive you can be sure we have a site nearby.

Reduce admin


Fuelwise should make your day a little easier. You should be able to easily and accurately report on your business fuel usage, you shouldn’t have to worry about your staff filling up your vehicles, or their private vehicles and you shouldn’t spend hours poring over receipts to make sure you claim all of your VAT back. Use Fuelwise to simplify your admin tasks and saves your business money.

Revenue approved invoices


Fuelwise makes it easier to claim VAT back. You will get an itemised, Government approved, VAT invoice removing the need to keep receipts or log transactions manually. Your invoices will show exactly what has been purchased, when and where it was purchased including the type of fuel and the cost of each transaction with the VAT breakdown.

Security and control


Fuelwise allows you to lock down your fuel cards to certain purchase options. This could be diesel only, fuel only or fuel and specific vehicle related goods like oil. These purchase restrictions give you greater control over what your drivers buy and help keep your costs down. It also gives you the peace of mind that your staff aren’t hiding things like their lunch or chocolate bars in their fuel expense claims.

Fuelwise cards also use Chip and PIN technology ensuring your fuel cards are always secure. Fuelwise fuel cards can be personalised to include your driver’s name, or the vehicle registration number, minimising the risk of the fuel cards falling into the wrong hands. If they do, you can place your fuel cards on stop and order replacements at any time of the day via our online account management system.

Personal account manager


All Fuelwise customers have a dedicated account manager responsible for looking after your account; they ensure that you get the best level of service at all times. Your personal account manager is responsible for looking after your requirements and keeping in touch with you on a regular basis, you will be kept up to date with new sites across our network, new products or services that may be available and they will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding your fuel card account. All our account managers are based in Coleraine and Galway and they can be contacted on our office numbers Monday – Friday 08.30-17.00hrs.



In response to this we have a service called GuardCard. This service is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your fuel cards.

  1. When the card has been lost or stolen, contact us with the relevant details of the card.
  2. If you believe that your fuel card has been stolen you must report this to the relevant Policing authority in your area. We will require a crime reference number to activate your policy.
  3. During office hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm) you should report its loss by phoning, faxing or emailing our office. You may also cancel your cards by clicking here.
  4. All transactions from this point will no longer be your liability.
  5. You or your employees invalidate this service if there is evidence of internal fraud or collusion.
  6. The cost of the service is 90cents per card per month.
  7. The service covers you for losses of up to 20,000 litres on your account, providing the card has been reported lost and stolen as above.
  8. Your cards will automatically be included in this service and will be free for the first 3 months, Guard Card will then be charged at the agreed rate unless you specify otherwise.

Fuel cards are designed to make life easier for everyone involved, and that includes your staff. Make sure their fuel card is easy to use and if they claim for business mileage, make sure they don’t have to spend hours filing their expenses each month. Let your fuel card do the work for them, it should collate all their transactions and link into your expenses system automatically.

Advanced online management


Fuelwise have a range of exclusive online web based tools designed to help you get the best out of your fuel card account, these tools are designed specifically for the fuel card industry and will help you manage your account more efficiently. If you want to order or stop cards, keep up to date with your daily drawings, view an invoice or get an update on our growing site network we have the right system for you.


  • Monitor transactions by card or vehicle
  • Order additional cards
  • Cancel lost cards quickly and easily
  • Create bespoke reports on card usage and MPG
  • Access historical invoices

With comprehensive reporting you’ll have complete control of fuel spend, with the ability to manage multiple fuel cards at your fingertips. Download or view reports in a choice of formats including summary reports, Excel and csv files or usage graphs. You can run your own transaction reports for any combination of cards or card groups using your own date ranges or our popular pre-set options. Our unique map view lets you see all of your transactions by location giving you a complete picture of where your drivers fill up.


    • Find stations by location or route
    • Search for stations with HGV or 24 hour facilities
    • Print your own personalised site lists

Fuelwise customers have unlimited access to our site locator, e-route, which makes finding convenient refuelling stations quick and easy. Using e-route will also deliver long-term cost savings by helping your drivers find convenient refuelling stations quickly, avoiding inefficient route deviation. Simply search for sites along your planned route or around a specific location and download the results in Excel or PDF to take with you.

e-route can be accessed through desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and is available to download as a free Smartphone app. SatNav downloads are also available for TomTom, Garmin and Navman devices.

Interest free credit


With credit still a major issue in the world today you will be glad to know that you can still get interest free credit with Fuelwise. As with any credit card the amount of credit and terms will be subject to status which we will assess when you sign up for your Fuelwise card. Payment terms are tailored to your individual needs and all payments taken by Direct Debit. Revenue approved ready invoices are sent out on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your account status.