What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is very similar to a credit card without the interest charges; each fuel card has a set network of sites around the Ireland, UK or Europe at which your fuel card can be used.

Our fuel cards can be used on branded networks in Ireland such as Topaz, Applegreen, Emo and Top; In the UK you can access Shell, Texaco and BP sites along with Morrison and Tesco supermarkets and in Europe we use all major branded filling stations

Your company would hold an account with Fuelwise, on this account you can have as many or as few individual fuel cards as you need; for example if you have 4 vans you might want one card per vehicle with the vehicle registration number printed on each card, alternatively you might have 3 members of staff that use company vehicles and so would require 3 cards printed with their names on.

Once you have your fuel cards, you simply fill up at one of the sites on the network you choose, present the fuel card to the cashier who will process the transaction. We will then send you an invoice once a week (for the previous week’s transactions from all cards) and take the payment for this invoice 14 days later by direct debit. (Credit is subject to status and may vary from account to account)

Our invoices are itemised showing where & when each transaction took place along with the quantity of litres bought and the price charged for those litres. These invoices are VAT approved by the regulatory bodies in the country you have used your card making your administration simpler and eliminating the need for receipts.

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What is the benefit of a Fuelwise fuel card v a credit card?

Fuelwise Card

  • Discount fuel prices available
  • Better security and prevention of fraud
  • Ability to use multiple providers
  • Card management tools
  • Monitor filling patterns
  • Fleet efficiency & MPG reporting
  • Reduce internal administration costs
  • Simple invoicing with clear VAT separation
  • No interest on purchases
  • No need for receipts
  • Integrated fuel reporting & GPS system


Credit Card

  • Some offer a rewards scheme
  • Security risk
  • Invoicing with VAT is a longer process
  • APR rates to consider
  • Don’t receive discounted fuel prices
  • Employees can purchase anything
  • Lack of control
  • Need to keep all your receipts

VAT approved bills that save you time and money. Separate receipts can be missed or lost, costing you money and they can be also be difficult to manage. For example:

100 litres of diesel @ €1.41 per litre costs €141.45. If you lose a VAT receipt you have lost €26.45 available for refund if you are VAT registered which is the equivalent of overpaying for your diesel by 2.65 cents per litre.

Monitor exactly how much fuel is used and at what cost. Expense reclaim forms can be adjusted when drivers fill out forms manually, costing your business valuable money

How can a Fuelwise fuel card help my business?

Just some of the benefits of using fuel cards include:

  • Savings on fuel purchases
  • Security benefits including purchase restrictions and driver/vehicle-specific cards
  • Significant reduction in administration time and paperwork
  • VAT approved invoices outlining all transactions

We have a number of fuel cards offering a range of benefits. To get the most out of a fuel card, you need to find the card that is best suited for your fleet.

For example, If you need fuel in the Republic of Ireland only then the Fuelwise Plus card is ideal for you, however if you use in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and the UK the Fuelwise card would suit better.

Having the largest choice of sites in Ireland of any fuel card available in the market, competitive pricing along with professional personal service and comprehensive access to your account online makes Fuelwise the ideal choice to reduce administrative expenses and save on time and fuel costs.


Why should I choose a Fuelwise fuel card?

A fuel card from Fuelwise will help your company in many ways:

  1. A tailored solution – One size doesn’t always fit all. Fuelwise is able to offer you a range of fuel card products. Some businesses only need fuel in Ireland, while others may need access to fuel in the Ireland and UK or Europe. Fuelwise have a fuel card to cover whatever part of Europe you travel to. Click here (link to our fuel cards) to see our fuel cards
  2. Savings – Fuelwise can save you up to 6 cents per litre off the average pump price in Ireland and up to 4 pence per litre off in Northern Ireland/ UK.
  3. Biggest site network in Ireland – Fuelwise supply fuel at 2100+ sites across Ireland, at 1350+ sites across Northern Ireland and UK and can supply fuel at 4000+ sites across 24 European countries.
  4. Reduce admin – Fuelwise should make your day a little easier. You should be able to easily and accurately report on your business fuel usage, you shouldn’t have to worry about your staff filling up your vehicles, or their private vehicles and you shouldn’t spend hours poring over receipts to make sure you claim all of your VAT back. Use Fuelwise to simplify your admin tasks and save your business money.
  5. Fuelwise makes it easier to claim VAT back. You will get an itemised, Government approved, VAT ready invoice removing the need to keep receipts or log transactions manually. Your invoices will show exactly what has been purchased, when and where it was purchased including the type of fuel and the cost of each transaction with the VAT breakdown.
  6. Fuelwise allows you to lock down your fuel cards to certain purchase options. This could be diesel only, fuel only or fuel and specific vehicle related goods like oil. These purchase restrictions give you greater control over what your drivers buy and help keep your costs down. Fuelwise cards also use Chip and PIN technology ensuring your fuel cards are always secure.
  7. All Fuelwise customers have a dedicated account manager responsible for looking after your account; they ensure that you get the best level of service at all times. Your personal account manager is responsible for looking after your requirements and keeping in touch with you on a regular basis, you will be kept up to date with new sites across our network, new products or services that may be available and they will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding your fuel card account
  8. Fuelwise have a range of exclusive online web based tools designed to help you get the best out of your fuel card account, these tools are designed specifically with you in mind and will help you manage your account more efficiently. Velocity allows you to do many things including accessing old invoices, see current drawings, stop or order new cards and retrieve PIN forgotten numbers. E-route, our site finder, which makes finding convenient refuelling stations quick and easy


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Are there any minimum requirements to apply for a Fuelwise card?

No. You can apply for a Fuelwise card if your business has 1 vehicle or if you operate on a larger scale and have 1000s of vehicles. We have customers ranging from electricians, painters and decorators to couriers and large haulage companies, everyone is welcome and everyone gets treated the same.

What is the approval criteria for a Fuelwise card?

We use an approved credit agency to undertake credit checks. We never refuse any customer an account with Fuelwise and are willing to tailor our terms and credit limits to match your needs. If you are a limited company the credit checks are based on account information filed at companies house (You can supply us with recent management or year-end accounts to support your application). For non-limited companies or sole traders the credit check is run on the individual.

Is there a contract or minimum use with a Fuelwise fuel card?

We do not ask you to sign a contract and you are under no obligation to use the fuel card. Fuelwise will provide you with advanced notice of the price you will pay for your fuel and allowing you to make an informed decision on the best interests of your business.

Will Fuelwise always be cheaper than the pump prices?

With a Fuelwise fuel card you will get a competitive price at all filling stations available on our network no matter what part of the country you are travelling in. Fuelwise can save our customers up to 6cpl on diesel in Ireland when compared to the national average pump price and in the UK prices can be up to 4ppl less than pump prices and even less when compared to motorway service stations.

There are many market factors that influence our supply price and your price reflects the oil market movement by reacting quicker to price moves than forecourt prices. We cannot guarantee to be cheaper than every filling station, however if the oil market drops we pass on these savings immediately. We also supply you with a price update so you will always know what price you are paying allowing you to make an informed decision in the best interests of your company putting you firmly in control of your costs.

Are there any fees I should be made aware of?

We charge a fee for any hard copy invoices that we have to print and post out to you, however we will supply your invoice by email completely free charge via our e-bill service. You can also sign up for www.velocitycardmanagement.com today to access your current and historic invoices.

There is no charge in first year for using your card, after the first year we charge €15 per card as an annual card charge. This covers the cost of replacement card or pins and for access to your own account management system www.velocitycardmanagement.com where you can manage and control your drawings and where you can view or download additional invoices.

What is GuardCard?

GuardCard is protects you against fraud or stolen cards. It is an optional service which we have introduced to give our customer extra security and it is completely free of charge for this first three months. Guard Card, has been made all the more essential by the recent rise of global fuel prices and will give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your fuel cards.

How it works:

  • All your cards are included in this new service.
  • The cost of the service is only 99 cents per card, per month.
  • The service covers you for losses of up to 20,000 litres per card.
  • When a card has been lost or stolen, contact us with the details of the card together with an accompanying police crime reference number.
  • This can be done by sending an e-mail to us or by calling us.
  • All transactions from this point are no longer your liability.
  • This service will be voided if there is evidence of fraud or collusion by you or your employees.

After 3 months if you do not wish to be included in this service please either advise your account manager or inform us by email to: info@fuelwise.ie

What is Online Account Management?

Velocity is our online account management system bespoke to the fuel card industry. Velocity allows you to access your account details 24/7, and includes services like access to old invoices, ordering new cards and stopping lost or stolen cards, downloading fleet management reports and monitor current transactions. These reports can be downloaded in various formats to incorporate into your own reporting system.

What happens if I forget to take my fuel card with me and I need to refuel?

Don’t worry. Call us on either (ROI) 1890 702800 (lo-call rate) or (NI) 028 7032 7800 with your account number. We will ask you a few security questions and will arrange everything with the site for you to get fuel and get you on your way as quickly as possible. (Available during our normal office hours)

How do I make changes to my account?

For example, change a vehicle registration, add extra cards, or place a stop on a particular card!

Don’t worry. Call us on either (ROI) 1890 702800 (lo-call rate) or (NI) 028 7032 7800 with your account number. We will ask you a few security questions and will arrange everything with the site for you to get fuel and get you on your way as quickly as possible. (Available during our normal office hours)

How do I order additional cards?

Order online through your account management system or send an email to info@fuelwise.ie Alternatively, you can call us directly on either (ROI) 1890 702800 (lo-call rate) or (NI) 028 7032 7800

What products can I buy on a Fuelwise fuel card?

You can use a fuel card to pay for a range of products depending on the purchase category of your card. A different set of products can be selected for each card. Most cards allow the purchase of fuels and lubricants and some also allow you to purchase car washes if you choose.

How do I apply for a fuel card?

The quickest way is to Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can request a call back and one of our experts will call you back at the time you have requested or pick up the phone and give us a call: (ROI) 1890 702800 (lo-call rate) or (NI) 028 7032 7800

I have never had a fuel card – where do I start?

Being one of the largest fuel card providers in the Ireland, we can find the card that is most suited to your business requirements. Just answer a few questions about your fleet and where you travel, and we will recommend you the best fuel card. Alternatively you can speak to our fuel card specialists on (ROI) 1890 702800 (lo-call rate) or (NI) 028 7032 7800

Can I apply for a fuel card that is for personal use?

Yes, however, there is a minimum usage of 300 litres per month for non-business users.