Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration

Fuelwise Fuel Card & Vehicle Integration takes GPS to the next level

Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration & Vehicle Tracking is more than just a GPS service; it takes your Fuelwise fuel card information and syncs it with our GPS system giving you bespoke reports allowing you to manage your fleet efficiently and most importantly see a reduction in your transport costs of up to 20%

How do we do this?

Together we will look at every litre of fuel you use and compare it to your vehicle activity. That way you will know where your fuel is going, where it has been wasted and what you can do to improve things. We take your vehicle (make and model) and together we set a fuel consumption goal, show you whether your meeting that goal and what can be done if you’re not. Individual drivers see their company ranking against other drivers in a league style table to create friendly competitiveness and what they need to do to improve their position. All the information is delivered through the web or the mobile app.

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration & Vehicle Tracking you will be able to:

  • Verify your fuel card reporting data
  • Pinpoint fleet fuel card abuse
  • Reduce fuel usage and costs
  • Control fuel-wasting driving behaviours
  • Get a complete picture of fuel transaction activity
  • Identify vehicles that operate inefficiently and see where every Pound or Euro was spent
  • Create a baseline for fuel usage improvements, monitor your fuel budget and compare fuel usage between vehicles
  • See which vehicles are running smoothly and which do not meet their target efficiency ratings
  • Detect abuse of fleet fuel cards by highlighting incidents where a vehicle was not at the fuel station when its assigned Fuelwise fuel card was used
  • Identify incidents where excess fuel was pumped beyond what a vehicle’s tank could hold
  • Create a league table of best and worst drivers to create internal competition
  • Access all your information via free smartphone app or desk top computer
  • Tailor alerts around your needs so you know when your drivers are driving outside pre-agreed parameters
  • Know if a delivery was made on time and be able to advise customers of exactly where their delivery is by using the real time GPS tracking.
  • SAVE 20% on all your transport costs or get your money back

How it works

We look at where every single litre of fuel you buy goes

  1. We do this by automatically comparing the fuel you have purchased (we take the data directly from your Fuelwise fuel card transaction data, so there is no need to upload or download anything) to the activity of your vehicles. This will only work with your Fuelwise fuel card, so make sure all of your fuel is purchased on your Fuelwise fuel card to ensure accurate reporting which will allow you to save up to 20% on your transport costs.
  1. We take the time to understand your company and your needs and together, based on our experience dealing with thousands of fleets, we set a realistic fuel consumption goal for each and every vehicle. Goals are dependent on the vehicle make and model, the loads they carry and the type of roads they use.
  1. Then we constantly review the performance of the vehicles against the goals we set. If you are not hitting your goals we will show you why.
  1. We also provide information to the drivers directly so they can understand their performance and how to improve.

All the information is delivered through the web so there is no time investment required in order to make the savings.

Step by step guide from signing up to seeing savings:

  1. Sign Up– First step is the sign-up, it is really easy and takes a couple of minutes. You just need to talk to your account manager and they will organise everything for you
  2. We install our devices– The engineer comes to you so there is little or no disruption for your fleet. Once installed, the driver just needs to drive the vehicle as normal and importantly use their Fuelwise fuel card for 100% of purchases. They also need to fill the tank to the top each time. This allows to us to get accurate driving information to help set your goals.
  3. Set fuel targets– We do this together in an online training session. Most customers have
    no idea what performance targets their vehicles should have, but we have done
    this thousands of times and we will lead you through this step in a few minutes.
  4. Ranking– We need to get 4 purchases per vehicle before we have enough information to rank the fleet. That can take 1-4 weeks depending on the driving distance of your vehicles. Once we have enough data we can see clearly who the good and bad drivers are and how much they are costing. It can be thousands of Euros or Pounds per year for poorly performing drivers and vehicles.
  5. Competition– Each driver gets updates of how they are doing by SMS or smartphone. Drivers are measured by their performance against their target. The competition has 2 levels:
    1) Individual, can I beat my target. 
    2) Team, can we beat the team target.
    You will find the team element is essential as some drivers will be reluctant to change their driving style. By creating the team element and a form of competition there is a culture shift within the company and all drivers start to improve.
  6. Results– Drivers keep playing the game. As a fleet you get continued improvement, safer driving and savings in fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.

Did you know?

If we took a standard fleet of 10 vehicles of a similar type we would see the following results:

  • Before we do anything, there is at least a 20% difference in fuel consumption between the best and worst driver
  • The difference in maintenance costs between your best and worst driver is on average 35%
  • An “average” driver will break the speed limit 21 more times in a 100km journey. If they improve to a “good” driver (break the speed limit 5 times per 100km) you achieve your 20% fuel saving
  • 66% of harsh braking events occur at roundabouts
  • Each driver is currently unaware as to how their driving impacts fuel consumption and safety

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