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Fuelwise expands UK network sites to over 2,250


Fuelwise, the fuel card integration and vehicle tracking specialists, have expanded their network of sites to over 2,250 in the UK. This is made up of over 1996 sites in Great Britain and 275 sites in Northern Ireland.

This significant milestone includes reaching over 550 network sites for heavy good vehicles, making Fuelwise the largest site network provider in the UK.

Increasing the number of sites available to customers has been important for Fuelwise as we look to cater for customers in every area of the UK, providing the best service possible. This is one step forward to becoming the best fuel card company in Ireland to work for and work with. This increase in sites has come from developing and maintaining longstanding relationships with site groups across the UK.

Fuelwise provides every customer with E-Route, which helps customers to locate their closest site to fill up at. This prevents customers from deviating to sites further afield which would increase their fuel consumption. E-Route is available on and can be downloaded from the Apple & Android App Stores.

Alongside our UK sites, Fuelwise has over 2100 sites in the Republic of Ireland, meaning Fuelwise also has the largest amount of sites in Ireland.

Fuelwise also offers Ireland’s only integrated fuel card and GPS system, which is guaranteed to make you savings and improve your fleets driving behaviour.

Looking towards the future Fuelwise will continue to explore new site opportunities across both the UK and Ireland.

Should you wish to find out more information about Fuelwise, you can visit our website at or you can call us on 028 7032 7800.