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Top 5 Considerations When Getting Fuel Cards


Fuel is one of the most expensive outputs your business can have, especially if you have multiple vehicles on the road. That’s why it is really important you take great consideration when deciding to get fuel cards for your business.

Getting fuel cards for your business makes great sense, it’s an opportunity to save money and fill your vehicles with high quality diesel. However, there’s still a lot you have to consider and take into account.

With 30 years’ experience in the fuel card industry and being Ireland’s leading provider of fuel & fleet management solutions, we are in the position to advise you on what you should consider when deciding to get fuel cards for your business.

  1. Service

Customer service is a lot more than dealing with queries as and when they appear, which really should be expected as standard. Going above and beyond for every customer regardless of size and taking the time to learn their expectations is a part of the service at Fuelwise. Every customer is assigned with a personal Account Manager who takes time to find out what fuel and fleet solution you require and works with you to achieve your aims and objectives.

Open access is key to achieving the above, therefore, our team can be reached through phone calls, email, website live chat, social media and WhatsApp. Providing such a wide array of methods to contact your Account Manager makes Fuelwise accessible for everyone.

  1. Security

Just as important as the service you receive, is having full belief and trust in that service. Fuel card technology offers benefits in terms of security and functionality versus alternative methods of payment for fuel such as cash. You can also emboss each of your fuel cards which helps to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Furthermore, Fuelwise has designed our own insurance policy called GuardCard, which covers you if your fuel card is lost or stolen, up to 20,000 litres. As well as covering you for up to 20,000 litres, GuardCard comes at only 99 cents per month, per card, with your first three months free.

  1. Access

If you carry out work across many different towns and cities, then having access to sites wherever you are is one of your top considerations when getting your fuel cards. Knowing where your closest site is can make all the difference if you are wishing to reduce your fuel costs, as you are then less likely to deviate to a site further afield, wasting fuel in the process.

With Fuelwise fuel cards you have access to both the largest network of sites in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with sites that are in close proximity to you, regardless of where you are. Fuelwise can also provide you fuel at over 4000 sites across 24 European countries. Alongside having the largest network of sites, Fuelwise also offers high quality fuel at many respected brands including Maxol, Texaco and Top, as well as large supermarket chains such as Tesco and Morrison’s.

  1. Systems

Having access to your fleet’s fuel card usage at any time is just as important as actually having fuel cards. Knowing you can look at your transactions at any time and order new cards or stop current ones means that you are always in control of your account. It is important to consider what systems you will have as it means you will never have to rely on anyone to control your account for you.

As value-added service Fuelwise provides all of our customers with Velocity Card Management and E-Route, free of charge. Velocity makes managing multiple fuel cards easy and gives you the tools to manage your fleet efficiently, whereas E-Route is your site locator, available in both online and app form. E-Route is especially great for your drivers as they can find their nearest site at the touch of a button and create lists of sites they visit most frequent.

  1. Tracking

Considering how you can keep track of your vehicles is the latest feature that is being demanded by users of fuel cards across both Ireland and the UK. GPS tracking is a lot more than just keeping track of where your vehicles are, especially when integrated with your fuel card. With the detailed information that is available, you are able to transform the driving behaviour of your fleet which in the long-term will provide savings and increased road safety compliance.

Fuelwise was the first of any fuel card provider to offer GPS tracking when Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration was launched in 2014. A product that has grown in demand and one that has transformed how many different transport managers operate their fleet.

Now I know what I need to consider, what should I do next?

As a standout product that your business requires, great consideration must be taken when getting fuel cards as they will transform how your business operates, providing increased road safety compliance, greater insights into driver behaviour and access to market and industry leading tools.

It’s also important to understand the exact benefits you will receive when getting fuel cards, you can view the benefits of Fuelwise Fuel Cards by clicking here.

Should you have any questions or queries, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us on (NI) 028 7032 7800 or (ROI) 1890 702 800. Or if you prefer, we can call you, simply request your call back by clicking here.