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The vital role of Daily Vehicle Checks

Fuelwise Daily Vehicle Checks

A requirement for all fleet managers and vehicle owners is to ensure that their vehicles are road safety compliant. The importance of checking vehicles daily before they leave your yard or company headquarters can’t be underestimated for the driver, vehicle and employer. Failure to check vehicles on a daily basis can be costly for everyone involved so ensuring that your company has an effective compliance system in place is vital.

The key benefit to carrying out daily vehicle checks is that you will be able to detect any problems and report them to have maintenance carried out. Not only will you guarantee that your vehicles are road worthy when you spot defects with a daily check, you will also notice the defect before it magnifies into something much more serious. Ultimately, this will save your business money as the cost of repairs will increase the longer the defect is left unattended.

Even customer satisfaction can be increased through carrying out daily vehicle checks. When a vehicle leaves to start a journey to a customer, having carried out a vehicle check will have meant that your vehicle has no problems and is road safety compliant. This means that there is a decreased chance of breaking down, resulting in your deliveries always being on time.

Carrying out daily vehicle checks provides reassurance that your vehicles are road safety compliant and that both your drivers and other road users are safe while your vehicles are on the road.

Carrying out Daily Vehicle Checks

The first step to completing daily vehicle checks is to know exactly what checks you need to be carrying out and understanding what to look out for if something is not working as it should. Vehicle checks take place both inside and outside of the vehicle and the length of time to complete the checks depend on the type of vehicle you have. For example, checking a small delivery van won’t take as long to complete as a large delivery truck would.

Regardless of the time required, checking a vehicle daily is a requirement. With the help of your drivers you should be able to create an effective system for checking vehicles daily.
Once you have completed all of the inside and outside checks, there are two other checks you must complete before starting your journey. Ensuring that your load is safely secured is the first and secondly, you should start your engine and check the steering and brakes are operating correctly. If you find no defects with your vehicle, you will be safe to begin your journey.

If another member of staff is driving your vehicle later in the day, you should remind them that they also must complete a vehicle check. Although you will have checked the vehicle at the beginning of the day, the vehicle should be checked again if there is a different driver.

Daily Vehicle Checklist

Keeping a record of your daily vehicle checks is just as vital as actually carrying out each vehicle check. That’s why we have included a Daily Walkaround Checklist that will save you time and ensure all the required checks are carried out. Our checklist lets you keep track of who is driving, what they are driving and we’ve even added space for you to write down notes that you need to remember.

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Interesting Facts

Data released by the (RSA) Road Safety Authority of Ireland from 2008 has revealed that a total of 3,244 HGV’s were stopped at the roadside for the purpose of checking vehicle safety. The data revealed that;

• 21% of vehicles had braking defects
• 21% had lighting defects
• 12% had tyre and/or wheel defects

Subsequently, these vehicles were found to be unsafe and not road safety compliant. Had the required daily vehicle checks been carried out, these vehicles would not have been on the road which would have resulted in no fines or penalty points for the drivers.
Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration

An integral feature of Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration is our Daily Walkaround Checks feature. With our complete maintenance section you can record servicing milestones, set up reminders and keep track of your maintenance costs. You can also start running paperless walkaround checks, in a user-friendly way, saving time and money.

Controlling fleet costs and guaranteeing the business is operating in respect of legal requirements and under the safest conditions is one of the daily challenges you can easily overcome with Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration!

Our Walkaround Checks App

With our Walkaround Checks App you can let drivers do their walkaround checks using their mobile phone, making the process efficient and eliminating mistakes.

• 100% compliant
• no more spreadsheets or paper checklists
• save time and money
• recorded in the Walkaround Dashboard
• increased visibility and efficiency