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As autumn begins and leaves begin to fall from the trees, driving conditions can become very dangerous. When leaves lay on the road and it rains, they can become a hazard as the road will become slippery. Add in the prospect of frost and falling temperatures and it wouldn’t take long for the roads to be like an ice rink.

Not only will this reduce traction, it may result in losing control and skidding, causing all types of potential danger.

Due to these dangerous hazards that can exist during this time of year we have put together our top 5 tips for driving in autumn.

  1. Drive Slower

With roads covered in leaves and the potential for frost and icy roads, driving slower will give you more control of your vehicle. This is especially important when driving around corners or bends as there is potential to skid. Driving slower is also important as road markings may not be view able due to leaves laying on the road.

  1. Allow room to stop

During the autumn months, you should give yourself plenty of time to stop in case of an emergency in front of you. This is advisable as the amount of time to stop will be increased as road conditions are not as great. With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration, you can keep track of your drivers breaking speeds, which will ensure they are taking all the necessary precautions.

  1. Keep your windshield leaf free

There’s the potential for falling leaves to get caught in your windshield which can be hazardous. Before every journey, you should remove all the leaves stuck in your windshield to ensure your windshield can function properly.

  1. Never park over leaves

Parking your vehicle over leaves can be hazardous as there is the chance that the exhaust system or catalytic converter may cause a fire. Ensuring that you park away from leaves will prevent this from happening.

  1. Keep your distance

Always keeping an appropriate distance between the car in front of you and yourself is important at any time, even more so during autumn. As explained previously, roads can be extremely dangerous during autumn, therefore, increasing the distance will give you a greater chance of reacting to emergencies if they were to occur.

As explained throughout this short piece, roads can be extremely dangerous during autumn, therefore, you should take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your journeys are always safe.

With Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration, you can keep check of wherever your vehicles are during autumn and beyond. Our GPS tracking system provides you with all the relevant data you need to keep your drivers safe this autumn, from their braking speed to suggesting fuel usage improvements.

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