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Tyre Safety Month


Carrying out regular vehicle and tyre safety checks is paramount to ensure the safety of your drivers and what better time to do these than during Tyre Safety Month. Throughout October, TyreSafe are running their annual campaign to highlight the need for tyre safety and have released some statistics from research that they have conducted.

The research conducted by TyreSafe found that as many as 57% of car and van tyres are being driven below the recommended inflation pressures, which affects your fleet in more ways than just safety. While your drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision or accident whilst using under inflated tyres, as a fleet manager, you are also spending more on fuel costs than you actually need to.

For every 10% a tyre is under-inflated, its wear can increase by 10%

TyreSafe found that motorists in Britain are spending up to £600 million on unnecessary fuel costs, this means that your business could be spending more on fuel costs than what would actually be required if regular tyre safety checks were carried out.

As a result of this, Fuelwise has decided to put together a list of actions that you can take to check tyre pressures, increase safety and reduce fuel consumption costs.

1. Check your pressures at least once per week or before any long journeys
2. Check the pressures in all four tyres and the spare one
3. Use an accurate pressure gauge
4. Set pressures according to the recommended settings, which can be found in the owner’s manual
5. When driving with a full load, increase the tyre pressures according to the vehicles recommended settings
6. When checking tyre pressures, also check for any damage to the tyres that could be hidden
7. Always remember to secure valve caps after checking tyre pressures

Carrying out the above actions will ensure that you have completed all of the necessary safety checks, however, if you are a fleet manager with a large number of vehicles, this process may take up a lot of your time. Fuelwise has the ultimate solution to provide you with efficiency when carrying out vehicle safety checks.

Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration is a GPS tracking system that syncs your fuel card information with our GPS system, enabling you to create bespoke reports and make savings on your fleet management expenditure. Our system provides you with a Walkaround Check App that lets your drivers complete walkaround checks using their mobile phone, making the process efficient, eliminating mistakes and paperwork and ensuring your fleet is road worthy and compliant.

To find out more regarding Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration, you can contact us on (NI) 028 7032 7800 or (ROI) 1890 702 800. Alternatively, you can email us at

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