Velocity Card Managment

Advanced Fuel Card Management

Save money and reduce administration with Velocity Card Management

Fuelwise online account management tool, Velocity, makes managing multiple fuel cards easy and gives you the tools you need to run your fleet efficiently.

Velocity allows you to:

  • Monitor transactions by card or vehicle
  • Order additional cards
  • Cancel lost cards quickly and easily
  • Create bespoke reports on card usage and MPG
  • Access historical invoices

Easy Invoicing


Keeping on top of fuel spend is easy with Velocity. All transactions are listed on a single invoice reducing administration and eliminating the need to gather fuel receipts. Our invoices are also Government approved, so claiming back fuel VAT is quick and simple.

If you need more detail, our transaction reports can provide it. Whether you’d like to see purchases grouped by driver, vehicle or card, our online reporting means all it takes is the click of a button.

Comprehensive Reporting


With our comprehensive reporting you’ll have complete control of fuel spend, with the ability to manage multiple fuel cards at your fingertips.

Download or view reports in a choice of formats including summary reports, Excel and csv files or usage graphs. You can run your own transaction reports for any combination of cards or card groups using your own date ranges or our popular pre-set options.

Our unique map view lets you see all of your transactions by location giving you a complete picture of where your drivers fill up.


Maximising Fuel Efficiency


With the continual rise in worldwide fuel prices it’s more important than ever for businesses to be able to monitor the way fuel is used by individual drivers as well as the entire fleet.

Velocity’s straightforward fuel efficiency reports calculate the MPG of each of your vehicles making it easy to pinpoint vehicle inefficiency and challenge drivers who may need training in more effective driving practices.

Added Security


Velocity allows you to stop lost or stolen cards online at any time, day or night. Our 24/7 service significantly reduces your risk of becoming a victim of fuel theft.