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Winter Checks – Knowing What To Check


Although we’re in the middle of autumn, the past couple of weeks have definitely felt like winter with strong winds, rain, frost and snow hitting numerous parts of Ireland and the UK. The dark nights have well and truly set in and by the time winter arrived on 21st December, we’ll all be prepared for the next few months’ weather.

One area you might not be ready or prepared with is your vehicles and/or fleet. Winter is the most dangerous period of the year for driving with dangerous road conditions and unpredictable scenarios, therefore, it is of vital importance that you make sure your vehicles and fleet are road worthy and compliant. Carrying out Daily Vehicle Checks is important every day of the year, but the stakes are raised when competing against unpredictable conditions. We previously covered the topic of Daily Vehicle Checks, which you can read by clicking here.

There are many different legal requirements which you must abide to at all times, for example, your windscreen must be kept clean and free from obstructions that may affect your vision. Ensuring that you have a demister with you and that your anti-freeze is filled up will easily help you overcome this problem should it arise.

Knowing what checks you should make daily can be difficult if you haven’t made them before, so we have decided to create a short list of checks that will make your vehicles road safety compliant this winter.

  1. Check the condition, pressures and tread depths of your tyres
  2. Check your anti-freeze and coolant levels
  3. Check your oil level
  4. Check your wipers and screen washer are in good condition
  5. Check your light bulbs are working

Now you have five simple checks that should be carried out every morning before your vehicles leave or every time before a new driver takes a vehicle out. All you’re missing is a Daily Walkaround Checklist, which you can receive instantly by signing up to our Email Newsletter on our Home page.

It’s not just vehicles that require some extra care, your drivers do too! Driving at night can be tough if you have poor eyesight, it is also dangerous and driving with vision that doesn’t meet the legal standard is illegal. Completing a regular eyesight check will identify if a driver needs glasses or contact lenses and lower the potential risk of danger. With many people driving home for Christmas and increased deliveries taking place, there are often longer traffic jams. Be prepared and keep a winter kit and warm clothing in your vehicle.

Doing that extra check

You can take extra measures that will not only prepare your vehicles for the winter conditions, but also every other month of the year. Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration is an industry leading GPS tracking system that will provide you with the insights and data you need to change every aspect of your fleet but ultimately reduce your costs and prolong the lifetime of your vehicles.

Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration comes with a Walkaround App that you can use to check your vehicles. This app can be downloaded to your Smartphone and as you complete each individual check and put the information into your phone, it is automatically sent to your system. With this you will be able to ensure that the tread depths of your tyres are always road safety compliant.

Furthermore, with Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration you can provide feedback to your drivers and advise them on what driving behavioural changes they need to make to adapt to the winter conditions. Not only will this information increase the safety of your drivers, it will also improve driver behaviour which will prolong how long your tyres can be used, reducing your vehicle maintenance expenditure.

To find out more regarding Fuelwise Fuel Card Integration you can visit our dedicated page by clicking here or you can speak to a member of our team by calling us on (NI) 028 7032 7800 or (ROI) 1890 702 800.