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As a Fuelwise customer, you have access to our online site locator called E-Route, which is totally free of charge and has full details of every Fuelwise site and that’s a lot, considering we have the largest network of sites in both the UK and Ireland.

When you are out on a job, travelling to meet a customer or just going about your daily life, E-Route will always be accessible to find your nearest Fuelwise site, enabling you to fill your vehicle or fleet without having to driver further afield to another site.

To be able to use E-Route, you must know how to access it and you have a wealth of options available to choose from. If you’re using a PC, Laptop or Tablet, you can access E-Route by visiting which is our website. If you own an Apple or Android Smartphone, you can download E-Route by visiting your relevant App Store. The Apple App Store is available by clicking here whilst the Android Play Store is available by clicking here.

Once you have accessed E-Route, you are then ready to find your nearest Fuelwise site. If you’re accessing E-Route through the Fuelwise website, the image below is how it will appear.

Fuelwise E-Route

All you have to do is click on what option you wish to select and enter the location you are near or if you select ‘Along Route’, enter your start and endpoint. Check out our example in the image below, we entered our location as Dublin and E-Route suggested a wide range of Fuelwise sites, with the closest being less than 1 mile away.

Fuelwise E-Route

Once you know which Fuelwise site you wish to fill at, click on it and select the option ‘Show Site’ and then enter Full Screen mode. This will provide all the information you need regarding the Fuelwise site you have selected. For example, we selected the Fuelwise site that was less than a mile away and E-Route provided us with the following information.

Fuelwise E-Route

Using E-Route will bring many long-term benefits for you and your business, for example, delivering cost savings. This is made possible as using E-Route will help your drivers find convenient refuelling stations quickly, avoiding inefficient route deviation. Using E-Route you will also be able to find stations nearby, search for stations with HGV or 24 hour facilities and print your own personalised sites list.

All Fuelwise customers have access to E-Route and as explained above it can be accessed through our website or by downloading from the Apple and Google Play App Stores. Should you have any questions or queries regarding E-Route you can use the Live Chat feature on our website and we will be on hand to answer all of your questions. Alternatively you can call us on (NI) 028 7032 7800 or (ROI) 1890 702 800.