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Published 17/08/2021

ATOM GPS is an intuitive and easy-to-use GPS Vehicle Tracker. Installation doesn’t require any extensive training or technical knowledge, which eliminates vehicle down-time and enables the device to be moved from one vehicle to another.

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What is ATOM GPS?

ATOM GPS is telematics system that can be transferred with ease between vehicles, due to it being small, nimble and versatile. This makes the ATOM device perfect for fleets that regularly change vehicles or have drivers that swap vehicles. Installation doesn’t require any technical knowledge as the device is attached to the battery terminals, minimizing downtime and allowing your vehicle to be back on the road in minutes.

Similar to Kinesis, ATOM provides key fleet metrics that enable you to make informed business decisions. Installing ATOM GPS increases vehicle security and provides you with the data you require to reduce your fuel and fleet maintenance costs.

Stats and Metrics

Using customer data we set out to find out the true benefits of the ATOM system. We found that by using the data provided by the system you can achieve the following;

  • 12% reduction in road costs
  • 60% reduction in speeding events

Check out some of the other benefits included with GPS Tracking.

Who is ATOM for?

ATOM GPS can be installed in any vehicle and due to its design it can be easily switched from one vehicle to another. This makes it perfect for businesses that change their fleet regularly or wish to avoid any vehicle downtime. For any business that operates their own vehicle, fuel and maintenance costs are areas of high expenditure. ATOM has been designed to not only help you reduce these costs, but also increase security. For example, the Live Map allows you to track your vehicles in real time. This allows you to be in the drivers seat of your vehicles at all times.

ATOM is not just for business purposes, if you are wishing to increase the security of your personal vehicle by knowing where it is at all times then ATOM is the perfect solution for you.

What features are available in ATOM GPS?

  • Live Map – keep track of your vehicles’ exact locations at any time
  • Journey History – review vehicle journeys over a specific time period
  • Fuel Card Integration – an overview of accurate MPG usage to enhance performance
  • Geofences – alerts for when vehicles enter or leave specific areas
  • Speeding Reports – review speeding offences with detailed reports and alerts
  • Mobile App – manage your fleet from anywhere at any time with multiple logins
  • Self-Install – no strenuous installation process

We have put together a Kinesis versus ATOM features comparison which is available to read to discover the differences between the two systems.

You can also link your ATOM devices with our Vehicle Cameras.

How do you use ATOM?

ATOM GPS is available to use on all smartphone and web devices. Regardless of your location you can keep track of your vehicles. As you can link your ATOM devices with your Fuelwise Fuel Cards to use Fuel Card Integration, the system is accessed via Velocity.

There is also a dedicated mobile app that is available for all iOS and Android devices.


Sometimes it takes seeing something in action to really understand all of the benefits. You can schedule a demo with our team who will provide showcase the system and all of its features. To schedule your demo simply click the button below and scroll to the contact form at the bottom of the page. After completing the form a member of our team will then get back to you soon.


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