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Are you a business owner or decision maker considering fuel cards for your business? In this fuel card comparison Ireland blog post, we review four fuel card suppliers.

What Are Fuel Cards?

Fuel cards offer businesses a convenient and efficient way to manage fuel expenses for their vehicle fleets. With access to a wide network of fuel stations across the country, these cards simplify administrative tasks, provide cost control mechanisms, and help optimize fuel consumption, benefiting businesses operating in Ireland.

Fuel Card Providers Ireland

As mentioned this fuel card comparison Ireland blog post will examine four different fuel card providers. Let’s kick it off with an overview of each provider:

Fuelwise Fuel Cards

Fuelwise Fuel Cards is a prominent fuel card provider based in Ireland. With a comprehensive range of fuel card solutions, they cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. Fuelwise Fuel Cards offer a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to manage their fuel expenses. Their fuel cards provide access to an extensive network of fuel stations across Ireland, ensuring convenience and flexibility for fleet operators. With advanced reporting and monitoring tools, Fuelwise Fuel Cards enable businesses to track fuel consumption, control spending, and optimize their fleet operations. Their reliable services and customer-focused approach make them a trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient fuel management solutions.

DCI Fuel Card

DCI is a fuel card provider catering specifically to businesses operating vehicle fleets in Ireland. Their fuel cards offer a convenient payment solution for diesel fuel purchases at a vast network of fuel stations across the country. With a focus on simplifying expense management and optimizing fleet operations, DCI Fuel Card provides businesses with tools to track fuel consumption, control spending, and access detailed reporting and analytics. Their reliable and secure fuel card services contribute to cost savings, streamlined administration, and improved efficiency for businesses managing their fleet operations in Ireland.

CSC Fuel Card

CSC Fuel Cards is a provider of fuel card solutions in the United Kingdom, offering comprehensive services to businesses of all sizes. Their fuel cards provide businesses with a convenient and efficient way to manage fuel expenses and control spending. With access to a wide network of fuel stations across the UK, CSC Fuel Cards enable fleet operators to easily refuel their vehicles. The company emphasizes cost savings, transparency, and personalized customer service, ensuring that businesses receive tailored fuel card solutions that meet their specific needs.

Morgan Fuel Card

Morgan Fuel Card is a leading provider of fuel card solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to businesses in the United Kingdom. Their fuel cards provide businesses with convenient access to a vast network of fuel stations, enabling efficient fuel management for fleets of all sizes. With customizable features and advanced reporting tools, Morgan Fuel Cards empower businesses to monitor fuel consumption, control spending, and optimize their operations.

Fuel Card Comparison Ireland

We decided to put together a table comparing fuel card providers in Ireland. We covered the following information, which was collected from each providers website:

  • Pricing
  • Site Network
  • Online Tools
  • Annual Card Fee
  • Account Setup Fee
  • Trustpilot Reviews

Fuelwise Fuel Cards

DCI Fuel Cards

CSC Fuel Cards

Morgan Fuel Card






Site Network

5,250 sites

1,733 sites

4,400 sites

3,200 sites

Online Tools

Velocity Fleet

Velocity Fleet

CSC Online


Card Fee





Account Setup Fee





Trustpilot Reviews Score


*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

Other Fuel Card Providers

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    Dominic Dysart
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    VES Transport

    VES Transport

    “I have been using Fuelwise fuel cards for many years and both the product and level of service is exceptional. To manage my business daily I use Velocity to monitor fuel spend and transactions and e-Route helps my drivers find any of the thousands of sites available with the Fuelwise fuel card. My Account Manager is always on hand to help and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is running smoothly”.

    MDE Installations

    MDE Installations

    “Fuelwise is very customer focused and were able to provide what I needed for this project where others couldn’t. The e- Route app helps our engineers find Core sites instead of Non-Core sites which helps with efficiencies and cost savings. Velocity is well managed, and I can create plenty of reports and my Account Manager is always on hand to help. With GPS Tracking built into Velocity I can view distance travelled, speed etc. and driver contact details without having to open another system.”

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