How To: Create Driver Harsh Acceleration Reports

In this blog post you will learn how to create Driver Harsh Acceleration Reports using Velocity Fleet.

What is Harsh Acceleration?

Harsh acceleration is when a driver uses more power than required when moving away from a dead stop.

This can be viewed as aggressive driving and can lead to increased tire wear, plus other costly maintenance issues.

What are Driver Harsh Acceleration Reports?

Harsh Acceleration reports inform Fleet Managers of the number of times a driver has accelerated harshly.

Drivers are scored out of 100 with a lower score indicating more harsh acceleration events.

This information is obtainable using the Standard Reports feature, with the data presented in a summary table.

Fleet Managers can choose to view the events, which provides the location, date and time of each individual harsh acceleration event.

What is Velocity Fleet?

Velocity Fleet is an online account management system that is used to manage your Fuel Cards, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Cameras and Vehicle Checks.

This platform is available on all web and mobile devices, enabling you to manage your fleet anywhere, anytime.

How To Create Driver Harsh Acceleration Reports

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to create driver harsh acceleration reports using Velocity.

1. Login to Velocity Fleet

Begin by logging into your Velocity Fleet, available here.

If you require access to your Velocity account, please contact your Account Manager on (ROI) 081 8181 810 or (NI) 028 7032 7800.

2. Select Vehicle Tracking

After logging in select Vehicle Tracking on the home screen.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reports

3. Select Driver Performance

After reaching the Vehicle Tracking dashboard, select Driver Performance.

4. Select Your Drivers

The first step of the report is to select your drivers.

You can select from Individual Drivers, Driver Groups or All Drivers.

An option to choose previously saved reports is also available.

Driver Performance Report

5. Select Date Range

Now you need to select your date range.

The preset dates are Today, Yesterday, Previous 7 Days, Previous 30 Days or Previous 3 Months.

You can create a custom date range using Start Date and End Date options.

6. Report Summary

After selecting your date range you will be presented with the report summary.

This is an average score of your drivers speeding offences.

From here you can choose to view all of the speeding events or scroll below for each drivers individual score.

Harsh Acceleration Score


With this guide you will be able to create your driver harsh acceleration reports using Velocity Fleet.

Using this report you can take action to reduce the amount of times your drivers are accelerating more than they need to.

This will help to prevent tires wear quicker than they need to plus reduce the risk of other costly maintenance issues from occurring.

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