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When operating a fleet outside of the UK and Ireland, your drivers require the security of having access to a large selection of fuel stations that have HGV access. Our International Fuel Card provides just that, with access to over 21,000 fuel stations in 22 European countries.

International Fuel Card

Choosing an International Fuel Card

The purpose of international fuel card is to simplify the process of fuel purchasing for businesses that operate globally. Staff that work across multiple countries may not be home for a few weeks at a time so it is not feasible to provide them with cash or a credit card. Therefore, a fuel card is the best option, due to the spending and transaction limits that can be placed on each individual card. It is much easier to pay for fuel using a fuel card than having staff use their personal cash or credit cards and then later reimbursing them.

When choosing a fuel card it’s important to look closely at the available fuel stations in the country that you will be working in, as well as any potential rebates or savings.

Benefits of an International Fuel Card

There are many benefits to having fuel cards that can be used internationally:

  • Cost Savings – many fuel cards offer discounts and savings compared to traditional pump prices
  • Improved Cash Flow – due to the flexible payment terms and not having to pay for the fuel at the time of purchase
  • Streamlined Expense Management – provided through fuel management systems, reducing the amount of administrative work
  • Increased Security – you can set custom spending and transaction limits, limiting the amount of fuel that your staff can purchase
  • Simplified VAT Reclaim – all invoices are HMRC approved which removes the requirement of staff to remember to collect receipts
  • Driver Convenience – the large site coverage makes it easy for drivers to refill, plus it eliminates the need to drive around searching for the cheapest site

Large Site Network Coverage

To help make refueling on the continent as easy as possible, we have developed a site finder that can be used to search fuel stations. This makes the process of searching for sites very efficient, plus you can even plan routes and view live traffic updates.

Included in the site finder is an option to filter sites, meaning you can easily find sites that are open 24 hours, have HGV facilities or even if they have a café onsite.

As of October 2023, our international fuel card network is made up of over 21,000 sites in 22 European countries.

How To Get An International Fuel Card

The process of getting fuel cards is very simple and can be completed in less than one minute.

Simply complete the form below and our team will then be in contact with you.

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    Why our customers choose Fuelwise
    VES Transport

    VES Transport

    “I have been using Fuelwise fuel cards for many years and both the product and level of service is exceptional. To manage my business daily I use Velocity to monitor fuel spend and transactions and e-Route helps my drivers find any of the thousands of sites available with the Fuelwise fuel card. My Account Manager is always on hand to help and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is running smoothly”.

    MDE Installations

    MDE Installations

    “Fuelwise is very customer focused and were able to provide what I needed for this project where others couldn’t. The e- Route app helps our engineers find Core sites instead of Non-Core sites which helps with efficiencies and cost savings. Velocity is well managed, and I can create plenty of reports and my Account Manager is always on hand to help. With GPS Tracking built into Velocity I can view distance travelled, speed etc. and driver contact details without having to open another system.”

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