ATOM Telematics

Always be in the front seat of your vehicles

ATOM Telematics offers you access to an intuitive and easy-to-use GPS Vehicle Tracker. Installation doesn’t require any extensive training or technical knowledge, which eliminates vehicle down-time, enabling the device to be moved from one vehicle to another.

When integrated with Fuelwise Fuel Cards, ATOM Telematics can reduce your annual fleet costs by up to 20% per vehicle. The ATOM Telematics device is perfect for both personal and business vehicles.

Check out all of the included features below.

Transform the performance of your fleet

0% reduction in road costs

0% reduction in speeding

  • Keep track of your vehicles’ exact locations at any time
  • See traffic congestion and identify the best route
  • Save time and keep drivers from idling
Live Map
  • Review vehicle journeys over a specific time period
  • Identify potential unauthorised trips
  • Analyse vehicle and driver productivity
Journey History
  • Manage your fleet from anywhere at any time with multiple logins
  • Review individual driver and vehicle performance
  • Available for free on both Android and Apple devices
Mobile App
  • An overview of accurate MPG usage to enhance performance
  • Increased control over fuel costs with detailed analysis
  • Reduce the risk of fuel fraud by integrating with Kinesis
Fuel Card Integration
  • Alerts for when vehicles enter or leave specific areas
  • Track the number of visits to a location for greater insight
  • Enhance understanding of where assets are utilised
  • Review speeding offences with detailed reports and alerts
  • Utilise insights to enhance driver training and performance
  • Clamp down on speeding violations and increase safety
Speeding Reports
  • No strenuous installation process
  • No vehicle downtime or loss of earnings
  • Portable, quick and easily transferred between vehicles

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