The Benefits of Combining Fuel Cards and Telematics

In todays world of advanced technological systems, tracking your fuel expenditure doesn’t need to be a lengthy or manual process. By combining Fuel Cards and Telematics you can remove that lengthy and manual process by having access to all of the fleet metrics you require at the touch of a button on any device.

We have put together what we think are the top six reasons why you should consider combining Fuel Cards and Telematics;

Reduce the risk of fuel fraud

While every Telematics system will alert you if your vehicle moves outside of set hours, Fuel Cards go one step further. Fuel Cards are assigned to specific drivers and when integrated with Telematics every transaction is available to, you can even create alerts to be notified if your fuel card is used in location A but at the time of transaction your vehicle is in location B.

Convenient payment method

Fuel cards are very convenient for both owners and drivers as there is no need for cash or credit cards which removes the need to collect your receipts. All transactions are stored online and available to view through Velocity Fleet. You are also able to limit product options, for example, if you wish that your drivers are only able to purchase diesel, then this option is available.

Increased control over fuel costs

By choosing to fuel your fleet using fuel cards, you provide your drivers with a greater choice of fuel stations to refuel at, for example, across NI, ROI and UK your Fuelwise Fuel Card is accepted at over 4,750 sites. We offer one price at all sites that is fixed for a set period of time, by having one price at all sites this reduces route deviation as your drivers won’t need to travel 20 miles to a cheaper fuel station as all sites on the Fuelwise Site Network are the same price. This gives you greater control over planning and fuel costs.

Accurate MPG reports

By combining Fuel Cards and Telematics you will have access to accurate MPG reports, which tells you how far your vehicle is able to travel for every gallon (or 4.55 litres) of fuel it uses. This information is provided for every vehicle and if you have large variances between each vehicle, then you will know that the driving style of some drivers is costing you more. This information will make you aware of drivers who potentially need additional training.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing CO2 emissions is important the governments are making this priority for businesses who operate vehicles. With greater visibility of of your fleet metrics enables you to set reduction targets and by reducing CO2 emissions you not only help the environment but also increase fuel efficiency.

Reduce admin and paperwork

We have been in business for over 30 years so we remember the days when Fuel Card transactions were manually sent to our office from each fuel station, thankfully those days are long gone as everything is now done online. By combining Fuel Cards and Telematics you can save valuable hours and spend your time focusing on other areas of your business that require your attention. Creating reports in our system takes only four clicks and you can even automate reports, receiving them whenever you want.

Combining Fuel Cards and Telematics comes at no extra cost and when combined there is the potential to reduce your fuel costs by up to 20% per vehicle annually. Find out more information about our Fuel Cards and Telematics solutions.

Why our customers choose Fuelwise
VES Transport

VES Transport

“I have been using Fuelwise fuel cards for many years and both the product and level of service is exceptional. To manage my business daily I use Velocity to monitor fuel spend and transactions and e-Route helps my drivers find any of the thousands of sites available with the Fuelwise fuel card. My Account Manager is always on hand to help and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is running smoothly”.

MDE Installations

MDE Installations

“Fuelwise is very customer focused and were able to provide what I needed for this project where others couldn’t. The e- Route app helps our engineers find Core sites instead of Non-Core sites which helps with efficiencies and cost savings. Velocity is well managed, and I can create plenty of reports and my Account Manager is always on hand to help. With GPS Tracking built into Velocity I can view distance travelled, speed etc. and driver contact details without having to open another system.”

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