Vehicle Camera Features

Today we are going to cover Vehicle Camera Features that are available with Fuelwise Dash Cameras.

You will find out how to increase the visibility of your fleet and protect your company from fraudulent insurance claims.

We will share the benefits of dash cameras and explain how they are integrated with your Fuelwise account.

So to get started keep reading.

What are Vehicle Cameras?

Vehicle Dash Cameras from Fuelwise puts you in the driver’s seat and adds high-quality video footage and proactive alerts to the features and benefits of Kinesis Telematics.

Our vehicle camera solutions allow you to see what your drivers are seeing.

With a forward facing, HD camera discreetly installed and tamper proof, you will be able to view clear footage of incident alerts to act quicker if a problem occurs.

Vehicle Camera Features

Our Vehicle Cameras have been designed specifically for commercial vehicles and are used in a wide variety of industries.

High quality 4G video footage is recorded of any incident that takes place on the road.

Let’s check out some of the different features available;

1. HD Footage

The first and most important Vehicle Camera Feature relates to the video quality.

Our cameras have a wide angle lens and 1080p HD footage, ensuring the highest quality.

2. Panic Button

Having a panic button enables the driver to alert fleet managers and owners if an incident occurs.

When the button is pressed an alert is immediately sent which contains footage of the incident.

3. Vehicle Tracking Integration

With a Vehicle Tracking Integration you will know who was driving, where they were driving and if they were driving safely.

This will help you in the case of an incident as you will be able to rule out fault.

You can set up alerts about incidents, speeding and driver behaviour that are linked with video footage.

4. Multi Cam System

Our final Vehicle Camera Feature for today is the use of multiple cameras.

You can reduce the chances of missing something in a potential blind spot.

Tailored solutions are available to ensure every important viewing angle is captured.

Vehicle Camera Benefits

Now that you have learned some Vehicle Camera Features, it’s time to learn the benefits;

  1. Increase Security – footage can be used to defend false claims against your business
  2. Video to Inbox – select the incidents you want to see and we will send you footage directly to your inbox every time it occurs
  3. Tamper Proof – cameras are hardwired into your vehicle removing the risk of devices being removed by an unauthorised person
  4. Ensured Compliance – ensure your vehicles are compliant with the latest vehicle safety systems

One final bonus benefit is Reduced Insurance Costs. Installing Vehicle Cameras helps reduce your insurance premiums.


The vehicle camera features available with Fuelwise Dash Cameras are industry leading. Features are designed with commercial vehicles in mind and range from driver performance to security.

They ensure your fleet stays compliant and reduce your insurance costs.

The options available includes Forward facing, Dual facing and Multi cam systems.

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    MDE Installations

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