Winter Vehicle Checks

Winter is well and truly here and if you haven’t already thought about it – now is time to be considering your Winter Vehicle Checks.

Winter is the most dangerous period of the year for driving with dangerous road conditions and unpredictable scenarios. Therefore, it is vital that you make sure your fleet is road safety compliant. Carrying out Walkaround Checks is important every day of the year, but the stakes are raised when competing against unpredictable conditions.

There are many different legal requirements which you must always abide by. For example, your windscreen must be kept clean and free from obstructions that may affect your vision. Having a demister with you and keeping your anti-freeze filled up will easily help you overcome this problem should it arise.

Examples of Winter Vehicle Checks

  1. Check the condition, pressures and tread depths of your tyres
  2. Check your anti-freeze and coolant levels
  3. Check your oil level
  4. Check your wipers and screen washer are in good condition
  5. Check your light bulbs are working

Now you have five simple checks that should be carried out every morning before your vehicles leave or every time before a new driver takes a vehicle out.

It’s not just vehicles that require some extra care, your drivers do too! Driving at night can be tough if you have poor eyesight. It’s also dangerous and driving with vision that doesn’t meet the legal standard is illegal. Completing a regular eyesight check will identify if a driver needs glasses or contact lenses and lower the potential risk of danger.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the checks may be different. For example, a HGV will different checks compared to a car. Check out what is required for HGVs and Vans;

Completing Vehicle Walkaround Checks

Walkaround Checks is our smartphone app, fully integrated with Velocity, that makes daily vehicle checks effortless and paper-free. Check out some of the features;

  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Manage all your vehicle checks online using Velocity
  • Get real time notifications of check fails and defects straight to your phone
  • Manage your fleets Annual Test, Tax Due, Service Due & Insurance Due dates
  • Make your daily safety and maintenance checks paper-free and effortless

This app is integrated with Velocity ensuring that you can manage your Fuel Cards, Telematics, Vehicle Cameras and Walkaround Checks using one system. The app can be downloaded to your Smartphone and as you complete each individual check the data is automatically sent to Velocity where you can view every report. Knowing your vehicles have been checked will allow you to relax knowing your vehicles are road safety compliant.

Discover the benefits of taking your vehicle checks online.

Why our customers choose Fuelwise
VES Transport

VES Transport

“I have been using Fuelwise fuel cards for many years and both the product and level of service is exceptional. To manage my business daily I use Velocity to monitor fuel spend and transactions and e-Route helps my drivers find any of the thousands of sites available with the Fuelwise fuel card. My Account Manager is always on hand to help and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is running smoothly”.

MDE Installations

MDE Installations

“Fuelwise is very customer focused and were able to provide what I needed for this project where others couldn’t. The e- Route app helps our engineers find Core sites instead of Non-Core sites which helps with efficiencies and cost savings. Velocity is well managed, and I can create plenty of reports and my Account Manager is always on hand to help. With GPS Tracking built into Velocity I can view distance travelled, speed etc. and driver contact details without having to open another system.”

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