GPS Live Map

GPS Tracking Live Map

Tracking your vehicles using GPS Vehicle Tracking & Telematics

Using the GPS Tracking Live Map feature you can track of your vehicles’ exact locations at any time. You can also view real time traffic congestion levels and monitor idling levels.

Discover hidden advantages with Kinesis GPS from Fuelwise.

Check out all the included features below or discover more about the Live Map.

Transform the performance of your fleet

0% reduction in fuel costs

">0% increase in staff productivity

  • Review vehicle journeys over a specific time period
  • Identify potential unauthorised trips
  • Analyse vehicle and driver productivity
  • Manage your fleet from anywhere at any time with multiple logins
  • Review individual driver and vehicle performance
  • Available for free on both Android and Apple devices
  • An overview of accurate MPG usage to enhance performance
  • Increased control over fuel costs with detailed analysis
  • Reduce the risk of fuel fraud by integrating with Kinesis
  • Alerts for when vehicles enter or leave specific areas
  • Track the number of visits to a location for greater insight
  • Enhance understanding of where assets are utilised
  • Review speeding offences with detailed reports and alerts
  • Utilise insights to enhance driver training and performance
  • Clamp down on speeding violations and increase safety
  • Get a full overview of idling occurrences
  • Inform drivers of excessive idling instances to optimise training
  • Reduce your fleet carbon footprint and reduce fuel costs
  • Optimise fuel usage and reduce costs
  • Reduce the probability of accidents
  • Review activity and enhance driver performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption and reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Review performance and improve operational efficiency
  • Receive an overall score for each individual driver
  • Reduce negative impact on vehicles
  • Decrease the negative effect on business costs
  • Review individual driver performance
  • Review performance of individual drivers
  • Inform and educate for better driving practises
  • Each driver is allocated with their own fob

No strenuous installation process
No vehicle downtime or loss of earnings
Portable, quick and easily transferred between vehicles

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